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Work Hard Play Hard

She couldn’t stop thinking about him all afternoon even though she had tons to do. Somehow, he’d managed to throw her completely off balance with his witty personality even after he left. *********** She’d...


Back of the bus

“Ohh …fuck yes!”, she screamed out as she bounced on top of him, his cock driving up deeper and deeper into her pussy. She hadn’t thought she could get the chance to finally fuck...


Chocolate for His Birthday

For a successful man such as he was, one would imagine Ben was smooth with the ladies but it quite was the opposite. He had no clue how to approach a woman. He knew...


Love in an elevator

Bella tossed and turned in bed as she woke up slowly. She still felt tired and ran her hand through her messy bed hair as she felt a hand wound round her waist and...


What Are The Odds?

Andy always woke up feeling empty. It was either the fact that his five month relationship had only just ended recently or that he was sick and tired of the same old routine every...