Category: Group Play

Group sex is a sexual type of activity that implicate the sexual interactions between three or more persons at the same moment. These erotic stories will focus on both heterosexual and homosexual people who enjoy having at least three participants involved in their sexual encounters. If you’re into a group of people engaging in hot steamy manual stimulation, oral sex to penile/vaginal intercourse or anal sex – and more, then you’re in the right place.

The participants can be three females, three males, two males and a female (MMF), or two females and a male (FFM) all lost in a world of bliss. If you’re into crowds of four or more, you’ll definitely enjoy the orgy stories that take place in locations that are too hot to be true! Some people are more into hot steamy gang bangs where (mostly women) characters have sexual intercourse with multiple people one after the other or all at once. Our stories of women performing various sexual acts on several men in a row, or letting them take advantage of her at the same time will have you craving for more.