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These stories delve on lust being the focal point of different sexual activities. With physical attraction being a huge factor, seduction erotic stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to explosive sexual acts that they can’t seem to resist.

The person being seduced will put up resistance for the better part of the enticement while the seducer, through persuasion knows exactly what to do to make the person give in to temptation. With the use of use of visual and physical aspects, it’s a typical case of, “My mind is telling me to say no, but my body is convincing me to say yes.”

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Back of the bus

“Ohh …fuck yes!”, she screamed out as she bounced on top of him, his cock driving up deeper and deeper into her pussy. She hadn’t thought she could get the chance to finally fuck...

What Are The Odds? - seduction - strangers, lucky encounter, crush, beach party - rz bigstock Couple Having Sex 212752513 520x245 1

What Are The Odds?

Andy always woke up feeling empty. It was either the fact that his five month relationship had only just ended recently or that he was sick and tired of the same old routine every...