Submit your Erotic Story

Submit your Erotic Story

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Benefits as Author VS as Anonymous

There are many attached benefits to post as Author compared to as Anonymous, here are the main points below:

EarningsQualifiedNoYou can earn money per post and per referral authors. (more)
PublishingInstant *In Review *Your erotic story's status will be published according to your role.
VotingYesYesInstant buzz and recognition for your favorite erotic stories.
Commenting25 Per DayVery LimitedCommenting is limited to ensure quality interactions.
User ProfileYesNoCustom Profile with avatar & background, bio, gender & country.
Posts StatsYesNoStatistics Reporting for your posts, earnings & referral earnings.
Support TicketsYesNoComplete Helpdesk Ticket System for seamless priority support.
* Must pass Copyscape (i.e. content should be unique and not posted anywhere else online).

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Submission Guidelines & Terms

Submission Guidelines

All Erotic Stories Must:
  1. Pass Copyscape to qualify for publishing on the website (which means that the content should be unique and not posted anywhere else online).
  2. Be on-topic according to your chosen post title, post content, category and tags.
  3. Be made up of at least 3,500 characters (approximately 500 words) per story.
  4. Be made up of a maximum of 59,500 characters (approximately 8,500 words) per story parts. You can split your story into several parts, e.g. Story Title - Part 1, Story Title - Part 2, etc...
  5. Not contain any links at all!

Submission Terms

  1. Story authors (as Author or as Anonymous) must agree to the terms and conditions of our site.
  2. You must be the original Author of all works you publish. Full copyright is retained by the author.
  3. Stories must follow our guidelines of acceptable content.
  4. New Stories only should be entered, not stories that have been published anywhere else online.
  5. We do not accept co-written stories. It may give an unfair advantage to the co-authors. Similarly, Story authors (as Author or as Anonymous) should not ask the help of anyone to proof, edit, make recommendations, or anything of that nature, to their submission. It is meant to be an individual effort.
  6. Stories are free to post, and open to everyone over the age of 18 (provided it is legal in your country to view our site).
  7. Authors may submit only one story entry per every 1 day.
  8. Story authors (as Author or as Anonymous) must grant EroticStories.Rocks the right to display their story indefinitely, so new readers have time to enjoy their story. Authors will retain all their usual copyrights to their stories.
  9. EroticStories.Rocks reserves the right to disqualify any stories without notice or explanation, any author suspected of vote tampering, manipulation, cheating in any way, or plagiarism.
  10. We reserve the right to change the submission rules or even edit/reject/delete any stories for any or no reason.

If you have any questions regarding our rules, please contact us.